• Hire coaches
  • Promotion of Penn State clinics and camps
  • Evolve to host camps/clinics at Penn State branch campuses
  • Create a roadtrip camp structure
  • Raising funds for the NLRA
  • Recruiting and supporting volunteer resources
  • Promote local games (i.e., signs on campus and segment on radio for Penn State games)
  • Promote visibility of Penn State rugby
  • Coaching development
  • Referee development
  • Proactive/consistent on having items place onto local calendars
  • Identify advertisement and web promotion possibilities
  • Create a blueprint for how to grow and develop local rugby

Our main focus for rugby in the region is 4 fold:

  1. Develop and grow the game in the central Pennsylvania region
  2. Promoting the game to the community through presence, participation, and awareness
  3. Selfsustaining organization (revenue streams to satisfy its costs)
  4. Supporting and assisting the current clubs/teams in their current endeavors of “building champions and shaping futures”.